HVAC Services

Expert HVAC Services for Your Home or Business

Air conditioning and ventilation systems are a necessity in all areas and domains. In industries and manufacturing warehouses, it helps maintain air balance and temperature to keep up with good quality. Commercial buildings, ensure a steady flow of air for easier breathing and a comfortable work environment. In residential complexes, it is the way to ensure the best ventilation and bad air extraction to improve the quality of living.

Our specialists are trained in handling all such maintenance where every nook and cranny is inspected for possible faults and any repairs are performed. Our routine inspection procedures ensure that every fault is caught before it takes on a damaging form.

Even the little changes in the performance of the air conditioning system mean the start of some issues that might be clearly evident in the future when that change becomes large.

How Our HVAC Services Can Assist You?

  • During preventive maintenance of your air conditioning systems, our teams check for the cleanliness of the air handler filters. If it requires repairs, cleaning, or replacing then we work on it and set it up to make it as good as new.
  • A refrigerant needs an adequate amount of charge to ensure the proper functioning of the air conditioners. Our technicians always ensure that the refrigerant charge is up to the mark at all times.
  • We keep a track of the condenser as well. If it’s not working in optimum condition, it will not trap heat properly and might not provide sufficient expected cooler air. Our technicians always check this during their regular maintenance and clean it so that dust and unwanted substances do not hinder it.
  • The fan blades of the condenser are also checked routinely. If they are loose, they are tightened to maintain optimum working status. The fan motor also might need regular oiling for the fan to work at the best capacity. Hence proper lubrication of the condenser fan motor is carried out by our experts.
  • Any and all equipment at the junctions has electrical connections. Those connections need to be tightened to ensure no loss of current and no possibility of sparking. This can otherwise be fatal.
  • All units are inspected for over-the-top loads and voltage parameters at the high load points to ensure no excess pressure is accumulated.
  • The condensate drain is thoroughly checked for any blockage. Due to its benefit of extracting condensation and humidity from the inside and expelling it outside, the drain needs to be smooth and open. Our experts ensure this and clean it properly as needed.
  • The blower belt is cleaned for inspection for proper tension in strength, alignment maintenance, and working condition. If anything is deteriorating, then the necessary repairs are carried out. The blower is also cleaned thoroughly and all the safety controls are minutely inspected to avoid any future conditions. Only the best and well-practiced technicians as in JAMS can ensure complete safety measures with preventive maintenance.
  • To avoid too much resistance, bearing at all places within the system and in its counterpart are well-lubricated every time maintenance is performed.
  • Even the thermostat is checked and cleaned along with proper inspection of the contractor points, lockout control, starting capacitor, running capacitor, and evaporator coil cleanliness. In all these, most of the inner system is covered to ensure the working is fine-tuned.
  • All vibrations and noises the system generates are inspected thoroughly by the specialists to ensure nothing sounds out of the ordinary and everything works well. If there is anything out of order like a distinct sound generation or excessively loud noise during the performance, then the technicians find the root cause and solve the issue.
  • Our technicians also know to always check for the relays, and record the running and starting amperages along with the suction and the discharge pressures.

JAMS Facilities Management has a dedicated team that focuses on all aspects of HVAC services such as chiller plant preventive maintenance, air handling unit maintenance, and AC duct cleaning services.
With a thorough streamlined process of the preventive maintenance program, optimal and most reliable performance is guaranteed for every type of chiller and air conditioner.
This is possible with a specialized team of experts consisting of trained technicians and engineers. All your regular AC issues can be easily solved within an hour of the service commissioned by the experts.