Kitchen Hood Cleaning / Maintenance Services

Expert Kitchen Hood Cleaning & Maintenance Services for Safe & Efficient Cooking

Kitchen Hood refers to the exhaust system of commercial kitchens that over time with constant cooking and smoke accumulates unwanted material layers and grease on the surface throughout the vents.

In case this layering persists, the heat from the kitchen and furnaces can ignite the grease and it can result in a fire incident. To avoid such a scenario, an expert service provider is necessary to help clean the kitchen hoods regularly and ensure proper maintenance for preventive measures.

What Do Our Services Entail?

  • Due to constant accumulation in the kitchen hoods, there are flammable substances that can possibly find space to set themselves in the grease. Our experts are vigilant in cleaning such layers with absolute care to ensure these harmful substances are wiped clean to avoid health and safety hazards.
  • This grease gets collected in the ducts, hoods, fans, and vents of the commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Our technicians have experience in finding all hidden spaces that need cleaning and use the best substances to ensure complete cleanliness.
  • To prevent any mishappening, regular maintenance of the kitchen hoods and ducts is needed. With proper care of timelines and ensuring scheduled repair and maintenance, our team can assure you of the persistent cleanliness in commercial kitchens with complete safety and care for health.
  • Some of the kitchen hood cleaning frequency and duration recommendations are here:
    • For an Industrial Kitchen, every 3 months is a good duration for a complete and thorough cleaning service that usually takes about 12-16 hours to execute.
    • For a conventional kitchen, twice a year is enough time for getting a cleaning that takes about 6-12 hours to execute.
    • For small-scale kitchen and light regular use, once a year cleaning is enough with 2-6 hours of the execution period.

JAMS Facilities Management is very particular when it comes to cleaning and maintenance services because cleaning means purifying any space in a way that any impending dangers are averted.

The aim of the team is therefore to ensure only preventive measures are necessary and there is no need for protective actions.

With this philosophy in the minds of the complete JAMS panel, every individual is trained and practiced. From inspection of the target cleaning spaces to finding the right methods and equipment along with chemicals to be used in the process, our team is highly experienced in the sphere.

Every step is taken with precision with all safety precautions in mind. You can find the best cleaning packages with our 24X7 customer service by booking an inspection any day. In case of emergencies, our support team is always available to dispatch a protective action team.