What We Provide

Our Services

Electrical Services

Site inspections, determination of the problem with our qualified team and preparation of the report. maintenance of domestic,

Swimming Pool Services

Check-up & repair of plumbing fixtures regularly. Check-up & repair on slow or Clogged drains and toilets.

Cleaning Services

JFM offers comprehensive cleaning services that includes commercial
housekeeping services

Security Services

Our Aim is to deliver Lifecycle Security Solutions to our client, and our security Guards are SIRA licensed and equipped with specialist trainings for the customized requirements of every client and our services as follows

Kitchen Hood Cleaning / Maintenance

Kitchen Hood cleaning is process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of commercial kitchens.

HVAC Services

Check the air handler filters, clean or replace as necessary. Check for adequate refrigerant charge.

Hot Water System Services

Providing annual hot water system maintenance contracts. Check-up & repair for the solar collectors and frames.

Pest Control Services

We provide an extensive range of effective treatments for rodent control and insect pests as well as

Grease Trap Cleaning

JAMS FM specializes in draining grease trap tanks using top-class vacuum sucking machines and tankers as per Dubai Municipality stipulation.

Water Tank Cleaning & Chlorination

Water tank cleaning and chlorination is an important part of water hygiene. Whether a small domestic type water storage tank feeding a small water heater or a large water reservoir feeding many properties the fundamentals are the same, clean tanks mean clean water.

Plumbing Services

Check-up & repairs of plumbing fixtures regularly. Check-up & repair on slow or clogged drains and toilets.

Low Current System Services

The operation and maintenance of low Current systems include the continuous monitoring and operation of the following systems & works.

Fit-out Services & Management

We are specialized in office fit Out, retail fit Out, restaurant fit out, clinic fit out, Commercial fit out, hospitality fit out works

Grease Trap Supply & Installation

A grease trap is a plumbing device that is required by Local Authorities in every restaurant, cafeteria, catering establishment and any other commercial cooking facility.

Kitchen Equipment Repair & AMC Services

Our core business is in the field of supply of spare parts for various kitchen equipment’s throughout the commercial kitchen industry, we also undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for Chain restaurants and Hotels.