Pest Control Services

Expert Pest Control Services For Your Home Or Business

Tired of encountering various pests, insects, and rodents on your premises? It is time for expert pest control treatment and hereafter maintenance. JAMS Facilities Management and our team of professionals will help you to build a customized pest control plan after a thorough inspection of the target premises. Our team has specialists that provide an extensive range of quite effective treatments for complete rodent control and insect pest removal.

We have experts that curate specific plans for each site’s pest control services. The team is deployed for inspection and the premises is combed through. With every detail recorded, a customized plan is built. Your specific plan will then be brought to execution to hit on the target of the pest problem.

What Do We Offer?

  • You can opt for either preventive pest control maintenance services to ensure no such problem occurs or go for responsive pest management where we help you solve your existing problem.
  • We ensure that the entire premises are sprayed with the proper and highly effective pest control medicine leaving no stone unturned. Our team is collaborative in a way that no corner is left devoid of their attention.
  • The medicine we opt to spray with at your premise ensures that the rodent (rats) infestation is prevented and cured.
  • The creeping ants are also affected by our pest control methods, and you can be sure to feel their absence and experience relaxation on having a safe environment.
  • Mosquitoes and flies are a common problem everywhere and having only the best medicine sprayed can truly affect their growing numbers. This is ensured with our technicians who specialize in spraying equipment and chemicals to cause maximum effect.
  • Termite control services and packages are available to ensure that you can opt for pre-construction services to prevent in-depth growth and post-construction to ensure no infection is set in

JAMS Facilities Management has been in this field of operations for several years and has been receiving outstanding commendations on the quality of the services delivered. Our team has been drafted with precision and we have some experts on our panel having many years of training in this area. You can avail best services with customized packages to suit your needs