Swimming Pool Services

Top-Quality Swimming Pool Maintenance And Repair Services

Having a clean and safe swimming pool is a necessity when it comes to kids. With that in mind, JAMS Facilities Management provides a complete range of pool repair and maintenance services to ensure that your standards of cleanliness in the pool are maintained year-round. The overall health of your pool is ensured when the trusted and reliable team of technicians is at your service.

We have a specialized set of tools and equipment that can be utilized to drain your swimming pools of unclean water and clean the pool base and walls while re-establishing chemical balance. This will make your pools as good as new.

Our clients might wish to get the complete acid wash treatment for their pools. We can help you with this but is not recommended due to possible pool corrosion.

What Do We Offer You To Ensure The Best Services?

  • We recommend regular maintenance of the swimming pool filter to keep up the performance. Hiring an efficient and reliable swimming pool maintenance services provider in UAE can help you achieve that. Our technicians are experts and well-practiced with the maintenance of all types of pool filters and offer/ regular filter cleaning services for healthy swimming.
  • Our regular maintenance involves swimming pool leak detection and repair services to ensure that there is no possibility of water wastage along with loss. This is done through our specialized leak detection equipment that makes this process smooth.
  • We also provide a thorough check-up of the water pump. In case of any damage or inefficiency found in the performance of the pump, our specialists are well-trained in handling any situation. With years of practice in the working and inner settings of the pump, our team can find the key point at fault, diagnose the cause, and fix it promptly.
  • Apart from technicalities, our team is also well-versed in the idea of choosing the right fixtures and lighting for the pool and installing them. When it comes to lighting, finding the right setup to bring the maximum efficiency out, while being cost-efficient, and improving the aesthetics of the pool, is difficult. Therefore, we always suggest LEDs that offer 250 shades of color-changeable through remote control or an application.
  • Over time, the outer layer of the pool gets degraded in quality and is affected by chemicals and minerals. Therefore, an acid wash treatment after drainage is suggested for aged pools. This enables the removal of the outer layer and exposes a fresh layer free of any deposits. Taking careful care of the drainage process is necessary as many things can go wrong with an incorrect method. Our technicians are experts in this process and know-how to carry this out with careful consideration and ensure no harmful outcome at any stage.
  • When it’s time to close your pool for the season, our technicians are very careful in carrying out the step-by-step procedure involving gradual lowering of the water level, introducing chemicals if required, deattaching all external fittings, and subsequently placing the covering. In the next season when the time is right, our team will carry out all the proper procedures to open the pool and get it back into action for a safe swim.
  • Due to the sprawling hot weather of various states in the UAE, the temperature of the pool might rise and make it uncomfortable to swim. To prevent that, installing a cooling system can help. Our technicians can help you choose the right cooling system based on the size of your pool and any budget considerations. We can also take care of installing that for you and take care of ensuring that the system remains up-to-date and in well-to-do conditions for all-around cool water to swim.

JAMS Facilities Management ensures that we are not only available for maintenance but also ensure regular inspections to oversee every bit on a regular day.
We keep a check on the water level, temperature, and color of the water to ensure no muskiness. Post-inspection, any possible areas of issues are identified, and treatment procedures are prescribed for any repairs. Our technicians are then put on call for the necessary maintenance.