Plumbing Services

Professional Plumbing Services For All Your Needs

While having water facilities and a sanitation system is a priority and necessity, what is commonly overlooked is the need for it to be regularly maintained so that the system keeps working at its best. That is what a well-certified and qualified plumber would do.

Our technicians at JAMS Facilities Management have the right set of skills to help you install, set up, repair, and maintain all systems that lie under the banner of plumbing in residential as well as commercial facilities.

What Services Under This Do We Provide?

  • All the plumbing fixtures are regularly inspected and maintained as per requirement and condition those are in to make them work in optimum condition. For anything related to installation and repairs, our technicians are the best you can go for any time.
  • There are many times your drains and toilets get clogged or may allow slow drainage. This kind of issue needs the right set of skills for a technician to solve easily while cleaning the system to drain any garbage stuck in it. Having regular maintenance ensures no such issue takes place.
  • Any kind of leakage occurring in the pipes, or the plumbing fixtures needs to be fixed at priority to ensure no loss of water and spoilage of the surrounding areas in your homes or commercial buildings. Our specialists are on call 24X7 for emergencies in this case.
  • In areas having cold weather and icy winds, water heaters are a must-have. Any issues with it can be disturbing for everyone concerned. With JAMS Facilities Management at your service, you can have instant repair and otherwise regular maintenance done to ensure that the water heater stays working in its best condition.
  • You might encounter low water pressure in your living or working vicinity. We have expert technicians on our team who can be at your facility at the earliest and help you find the problem and subsequent solution.
  • Our specialists are quite thorough in their maintenance and cover all minute points including any possible running toilets. Carrying out checkups and finding the root cause allows our experts to solve the problem and carry on with the maintenance.
  • Having water tanks ensures continuous water supply. Filling up those tanks is a crucial task that one needs to carry out but has not got the time to stand till it’s filled. To prevent the water from overflowing, there is a water tank fitting that we install to prevent overflowing.
  • You can find our specialists to be so well-practiced that any kind of drainage problem is solved within unbelievably strict deadlines.

Jams Facilities Management consists of a team that has a variety of talents and skills joined together in harmony. Every single technician has their own strengths, and they work together to solve all your problems at the earliest.