Hot Water System Services

Reliable Hot Water System Repairs & Maintenance For Home Or Business

With cold water in the taps and cool winds at varying times of the day, there is a need for hot water systems to ensure a comfortable temperature water supply. For a good hot water system to remain at the optimum working condition at all times, there is a need for regular preventive maintenance.

JAMS Facilities Management can help you with that along with providing other repairing and replacement services as well. With JAMS Facilities Management, you can achieve the best quality delivery of services from any field of the facility and find good economic packages of maintenance.

What Can We Help You With?

  • After you have installed the hot water systems, there is a need for maintenance at regular intervals. We at JAMS offer annual hot water system maintenance as regularized contracts. Our expert technicians can set you up with contracts that will be monetarily beneficial.
  • For the installation of solar-operated hot water systems, our technicians are at your service with the best first-hand experience in their practice. You can avail of great installation, repair, and maintenance charges that are pocket friendly.
  • We have the greatest technicians with vast experience in these systems to ensure quality check-ups and repair of the hot water system as and when feasible. The solar collectors and frames are also checked and repaired as a necessary part of maintenance.
  • Any broken and leaking tubes found in the regular inspection can prevent a lot of impending damage or can simply be the cause of your current working issue. Our specialists help repair the problem in a swift manner even in an emergency.
  • We ensure that the valves are in the right positions for best operation and there is no dripping from the junctions. The pipe insulation is therefore inspected thoroughly to prevent any elaborate losses and ensure that there is inherent freeze protection.
  • The mounted connectors of solar panels are also inspected for their tightness and erectness. If there is any bent edge or blemishes encountered, relevant repairs are carried out instantly to make it as good as new.
  • The arrays are cleaned properly with water or mild detergent. But the use of brushes or any solvents is avoided as it may harm the surface material. Our technicians have years of experience in this field and are aware of what is right and what must be avoided.
  • Any part of the hot water system that is found to be rusting or developing a corrosive layer is replaced or altered for longer life.
  • At last, the collection tank is inspected and cleaned off any sediments that can at a later stage pollute the water. This way our specialists help you in preventive and corrective maintenance of the hot water system.

We have a qualified team of specialists trained to handle a variety of situations in this area of facilities. Our experts are available 24X7X365 to take inventory of the situation and find the best solution promptly for execution.