Grease Trap Supply And Installation

Expert Grease Trap Supply & Installation Services For Your Business

Grease Trap is a specific plumbing device that is installed in every restaurant, catering establishment, commercial, and industrial kitchen to ensure that drainage systems stay up-to-date and well-maintained. It is according to the local authorities that this has been made a stipulation by the municipalities. JAMS Facilities Management specializes in the installation of the grease trap system in new businesses and replacing old and outdated systems in older businesses.

What Do We Provide?

  • If you are ready to set up your own grease trap, the JAMS team is specialized in this business. You can get in touch with our support team and we can have our specialists visit your premises.
  • Our specialists inspect the premises for the best location for the grease trap. The requirements and specifications are noted and contracts are drawn up.
  • The contractual maintenance is also set up as JAMS FM has specialists that provide regular maintenance services to ensure that there is prevention on the focus and everything stays clean and pleasant smelling on your premises.

  • The grease trap supply setup might require technical assistance after installation. JAMS FM offers free technical service for the same setup.
  • We have a team of technicians that offer the best advice pertaining to the kind of grease trap device to install, size, and miscellaneous details on the same such as the location of the trap setup.
  • After installation, our team ensures that any questions are answered at any moment’s notice be it in case of emergency. Any information needed regarding installation logs, maintenance, repair requirements, and so on is provided for the consideration of future packages of cleaning and up-gradation of the system.

JAMS Facilities Management provides the best installation services for the grease trap tanks and setup in large businesses that have the by-product of unclean greasy water.

Having vast experience in the industry, our technicians and team specialists have all the necessary details regarding all processes including cleaning, maintenance, repairing, and upgrading of existing systems.

Our customers have only the best things to say about our services and the technicians that attend them. You can avail the best packages that suit your requirements.