Water Tank Cleaning & Chlorination

Professional Water Tank Cleaning and Chlorination Services for Safe, Clean Drinking Water

Having clean water tanks mean ensuring a safe and clean water supply. Whether the supply is for individual domestic purposes, large-scale domestic, or commercial purposes, the clean water supply is a necessity everywhere. JAMS specializes in ensuring that such clean tanks are always up to date to ensure cleaner water for every home or facility.

We provide water tank cleaning services for any type, material, and size of tanks ranging from any kind of plastic tanks molded in lofts or large concrete reservoirs that provide water storage facilities for the locality. The inspection process carried out by the specialists ensures that the type, size, and miscellaneous details are recorded, and the cleaning plan is set accordingly.

What Do We Provide?

  • A properly trained team is dispatched for the water tank cleaning task and chlorination for further chemical treatment. The entire process is streamlined with a strict focus on following timelines and safety protocols.
  • Our team is trained to handle any situation such as confined and airless cleaning area that requires portable breathing apparatus as well.
  • The high-pressure washer is utilized in the cleaning process along with antibacterial agents for chlorination. These chemical and any other treatment is completely safe, highly effective, and eco-friendly.
  • Our specialists follow a thorough 6-way cleaning process that ensures complete cleanliness and henceforth, clean water storage.

JAMS Facilities Management has been aligned with professionals who have been in this domain for a long and have been well-practiced in their talents. The panel consists of experts that ensure that proper cleaning procedures are followed, and no step is taken that can leave the water unusable.

With the clean water supply shortage, JAMS has been steadily focusing on ensuring that the water tanks are clean to ensure nothing hampers the water quality. JAMS offers comprehensive in-budget packages that you can avail of for any kind of tank.