Kitchen Equipment Repair & AMC

Expert Kitchen Equipment Repair and AMC Services for Smooth Restaurant Operations

Large businesses with huge kitchens require the latest equipment and modernized setup to produce quality procedures for cooking. This is possible when you have the most reliable kitchen setup installed, and regularly serviced and maintained. JAMS is a dedicated services provider that ensures such businesses have a ready-to-utilize setup at all times.

JAMS Facilities Management has been in this business for years having vast experience in keeping up with the latest kitchen gadgets for maximum output and optimum results for all commercial businesses. We offer comprehensive equipment repair and AMC services for commercial and corporate kitchens such as hotels, restaurants, business complexes, multiplexes, and so on.

What Do We Offer?

  • Our staff provides Annual Maintenance Contracts to the chain restaurants and hotels to ensure regular upkeep of the kitchen equipment and the area.
  • We have dedicated staff that caters to providing necessary spare parts for various equipment for kitchens in case of short notice as the commercial kitchen cannot be put on hold for even a single day for business utility.
  • Our offers involve pocket-friendly and budgeted maintenance contracts with routine inspections of the kitchens done weekly or fortnightly.
  • According to the needs of the clients, any necessary changes that can help upgrade the kitchen and performance are suggested after a thorough inspection by our team of technical staff.
  • We have a trained team of technicians and specialists with experience in handling all problems with the kitchen equipment and are practiced in suggesting changes and spare parts in need of change.

Every member of the team is well-screened and checked for maximum results in the training for the same. Our 24X7 customer support line ensures all emergencies are addressed promptly and action is taken by the technicians post-haste.