Electrical Services

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Maintenance of an electrical system is not only about solving issues after something has already happened. It is about the prevention of any ill situation. This is called preventive maintenance. It is carried out with the sole purpose of checking to see if anything looks fishy and might cause issues in the long run.

When you work on repairing and maintaining something that has not happened and you are ensuring it won’t ever happen, that is what preventive maintenance is about.

Our team carries out regular checks and inspections of the site. Any possible issue is determined, and the matter is discussed with the entire team of qualified technicians. A detailed report of the problem or possible issue is generated.

electrical services

What Do We Provide Under Electrical Services?

  • Any electrical installations in residential, commercial, or industrial locations need regular inspections. Our team ensures that all necessary checks are done time-to-time and maintenance are carried out in the proper procedure.
  • Our experts provide complete guidance and support on any queries regarding the electrical setups. Anything out of the line can be reported and proper advice is delivered for any precaution or care before a senior technician arrives on the scene.
  • Most of the electrical issues that are reported or are encountered during maintenance can be resolved within 1 hour as our technicians are well-versed in any situation.
  • We carry out procedural maintenance of any DBs, SMDBs, the main panel, capacitor banks, motors, LV switch gears, bus bars, light protection system, and so on. Any necessary replacement for switchgear accessories is also ensured. All proper and necessary check-ups are carried out to ensure that everything is up to the mark.
  • We provide maintenance for generators as well with a focus on load testing on all types of systems. Appropriate repairs are also carried out as needed.
  • Our entire team of specialists is well qualified to change any defective light fittings, dirty electric panels, distribution boards, loose electrical connections, damaged or burnt-out power sockets, overheating wire cables, burnt cable installation, short circuits, earth leakage due to incorrect wiring, etc.

JAMS Facilities Management ensures that all the preventive maintenance log is set up regularly and kept track of. On the monthly basis, load monitoring is necessitated and recorded. The entire team of JAMS is focused on providing the best electrical services to all sectors.