Grease Trap Cleaning

Efficient & Effective Grease Trap Cleaning For Commercial Kitchens

Grease Trap as the term suggests is the setting that traps the grease, oil, and other mixtures in the wastewater. The absence of this trap will allow the greasy water to flow into the drains and clog them while emitting foul smells. Grease traps prevent this from happening as commercial settings need to smell great and have no drain blockages to ensure that customers keep coming back.

To make this possible, cleaning them on a regular basis is a must. Even if the presence of grease traps prevents the foul smell from generating, not cleaning them will result in the same. JAMS Facilities Management provides the most efficient team to ensure the best grease trap cleaning services are delivered.

The most wonderful food is cooked with plenty of fats, oil, and greasy structure. That is what most customers enjoy the best. The utensils are washed and the same greasy water flows into the drains. When the grease traps work well, the drains are not clogged, and the sewer line remains working well. This ensures no issue with the drainage system ever in your commercial kitchens and restaurants.

What Do We Ensure?

It is not always easy to find the installed grease traps in commercial kitchens and restaurants as they are located outside the building. Only experts know where to find these and know how best to ensure optimal cleaning. JAMS has those experts you can get in touch with for regular cleaning packages.

According to the Dubai Municipality stipulations, the use of best-in-class vacuum-sucking machines and tankers is advisable to help in draining the grease trap tanks. JAMS FM ensures that those stipulations are followed for effective results.

In case of grease traps are present and set up in the basement of large buildings like hotels, malls, and restaurants, there are smaller machines available that are mounted upon portable settings to carry them to the place of grease trap tanks.

We have a team of skilled technicians experienced in the process of meticulous scrubbing of waste and grease deposits from the traps to wash them off completely and safely without affecting the underlying drain line

We specialize in

  • Professional vacuuming off the liquid and greasy waste from the traps
  • Attaining a maintenance log of the amount of grease removed
  • Provisioning maintenance packages that are cost-effective, highly efficient, reliable, and hygienic
  • Enabling the execution of processes by following municipality stipulations and protocols along with maintaining proper vehicle manifests
  • Grease trap servicing on a regular basis based on pre-decided contract renewable annually
  • Highly attractive and competitive terms of the contract for the most benefit of the customer
  • Complete Annual service package that consists of drainage systems checkup and cleans up required on the survey, grease trap tanks cleaning, and any emergency services as per the necessity on short notice

JAMS Facilities Management provides the most reliable set of grease trap services with years of experience in the industry. With the most efficient and experienced technicians on the panel, there is no doubt that every single step in the cleaning process will be the best one carried out with precision. You will have no second thoughts about our services and technicians as they are highly commendable on their job having years of experience.