Security Services

Expert Security Services To Keep Your Business Safe And Secure

When arranging for the staff of an office complex, restaurant chain, hotel, mall, residential complex, and more, you always look for a team of security officials to ensure the smooth working of the systems and all provisions. JAMS Facilities Management has been diligent in providing the best team of security officials to take charge of the management in varying sectors.

Our specialists are trained in handling all kinds of security and ensuring that any enabled protocols are enforced systematically and smoothly. The services require a customized plan of security procedures which is possible after a thorough walk-through of the situation with the client. The clients present a specific set of requirements.

The Varying Services They Can Choose From Are As Below:

  • Reception and visitor management for the hospitality sector consisting of hotels and malls
  • Access control for areas that have specific access areas for specific groups of people in all sectors
  • Lifeguarding for big parties near pool and beach areas and for hotels and other events
  • Patrolling services for large areas that need guarding and looking-after only with the help of professional security guards
  • Command and control system operations in large buildings to manage all entry and exit accesses and watch CCTV cameras
  • Security system installation, operations, and maintenance for any building or large area that needs a proper functioning system and complete watch-over
  • Event security in case of large events being held in hotels, clubs, or party halls with controlled entrance and VIP bookings

JAMS Facilities Management has been in this area for a long time now and has seen some of the biggest projects that have borne wondrous fruits through supreme customer satisfaction. On the account of having smooth sailing of any event can be really relaxing for the clients. JAMS team has made it possible many times.

The team of officials and specialists employed are well-trained in all kinds of security operations. Our technicians are the best in their field and can be an asset for installing and maintaining your systems.

Our specialists are highly trained in handling difficult and dangerous situations in case the need arises. No harm to civilians is the motto for all security officials of JAMS. All security packages are custom